Your Family Research

If we recommend that your family history research continues, and if you agree, then we will carry out a detailed investigation of the sources listed in our feasibility report. We recommend a staged approach to your family history research with the cost of each stage being detailed. This system gives you control of all aspects of the research process and the positive response which we receive from our clients testifies to the benefits of such a method. This is part of our policy of providing value for money. You are always at liberty to ignore the advised area of search and direct us to any record search you wish. It is important to note that success cannot always be guaranteed, and that an unsuccessful search is usually more time consuming than a successful one.

A Comprehensive Family History Service

We are the largest computerised genealogy service in Ireland. In addition to drawing upon this very extensive resource we also have researchers based in Dublin and Belfast.

Our Computerised Records Include:

  1. Church records of baptisms and marriages – Co. Fermanagh and Co.Tyrone (pre-1900)
  2. Civil records of births and deaths – Co. Fermanagh and Co. Tyrone (1864-1921)
  3. Civil marriage records* – Co. Fermanagh and Co.Tyrone (1845-1921)
  4. 1901 Census Co. Fermanagh, and Co. Tyrone
  5. Griffith’s Valuation* – All Ireland (1848-1864)
  6. Tithe Applotment books* – Co. Antrim,  Armagh, Derry, Down, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Monaghan, Cavan & Donegal (1815-1837)
  7. Gravestone inscriptions – over 900 cemeteries for Co. Antrim, Co. Armagh, Co. Derry, Co. Down, Co. Fermanagh and Co. Tyrone
  8. Irish directories (1751 -1900)
  9. Flax growers list* – All Ireland (1796)
  10. Transportation records* – All Ireland (1735-1742)
  11. Crime and punishment records* -All Ireland (1799-1800)
  12. Transportation registers* – All Ireland (1839-1857)
  13. Index to RIC records* – All Ireland (1816-1921)

* Indicates that work is complete.